Child Custody And Visitation Rights

Child custody and visitation cases in Sydney can be very trying for both parents and children involved. Child custody can be broken down into two basic parts: child custody and visitation of children. 

Custody orders also in two parts: legal and physical custody. There are various considerations, the court will examine when determining visitation rights in Sydney child custody cases. The most important consideration when there is a kid custody argument is, what is in the best interests of the child and how that will be assessed?

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Expertise needed

Legal issues surrounding child custody and issues in a matter of a divorce can be quite complicated and, generally will take the expertise divorce lawyer family law, to assist you in navigating the legal issues. 

It will be important to understand what is the most sound approach by law to take about visits from children, or what a shared parenting plan means when there is finalizing the negotiations over custody agreement. 

Shared parenting plan

Before the child custody and family support legal issues are brought to the court, it may be most appropriate that divorcing parents outlining the deal, arrive at a shared parenting plan for custody of their children. 

The aim is to develop a plan that provides a balanced arrangement for prisoners who are suitable for both parents, as well as limit interference in the child's home life. 

Evaluation of parenting

When the trial was to evaluate the parents on who will be the primary caretaker in a matter of child custody, the judge will consider a number of important factors in order to arrive at a fair and balanced decision. Perhaps the most important would be, what the preferences of the child.