Dog Boarding in Chapel Hill

You have decided to go on a vacation and want to leave your dog or cat behind. Some people may have family members that live close by to have watched their pets, or neighbors that will watch them for you.

However, not everyone has that luxury and will have to board their pet in a kennel or a pet hotel. Now before you find a boarding location for your pet you might want to consider asking some questions about the boarding kennel.

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The first question that you should ask is if you can have a tour of the facility to see where your pet will be. Most places will not mind showing you around the location so you can see how well your pet will be cared for. I know if they refuse to take you on a tour then you might want to question if you want to board your pet at that location.

The next question that you might want to consider asking would be if someone is going to be on-site twenty-four hours a day. Now typically in what I have seen not many places will have someone on-site all the time, but some places do.

I know a new place that just opened up close to me does have someone at the location twenty-four hours a day to help care for your pets. This is a great feature, but not a common feature. Remember if someone is on-site twenty-four hours a day then you might have to pay a higher cost.

Then the third question that I always ask every boarding facility is what type of exercise will my animal get. Now sometimes the facility will walk the dog outside for five to ten minutes each day, but sometimes they might just move them from kennel to kennel.

Now you will probably at least find a kennel that will walk your pet or handle your pet for a few minutes each day so they will keep the same loving affection that they had before you left for vacation.