Easy Septic Tank Maintenance Tips

Good septic tank maintenance management is a sure way to ensure that it will run smoothly all time. Septic tanks are well maintained can run for between 20 to 30 years, but failed to do so will result in damage to the start of the tank and drain field that will ultimately lead to an expensive repair and replacement bill.

You need to treat the solid septic tank in the same way you treat your car; when there are regular maintenance, inspection systems, and fluid changes you can be sure that the car would last her lifetime.

The benefits of regular inspection and maintenance are that you can catch problems as early as you can fix them before they cause a system failure. This would potentially save thousands of dollars that can be issued in replacement costs.

Have it regularly pumped: Average house have their septic tank pumped out every three to five years. When you avoid pumping regularly, you cause the accumulation of rubbish, and mud will easily melt to drain field; if your system is run well, all drain waste fields need to be free of solids.

Routine inspection: In some countries, there is a requirement that every homeowner has their septic tanks inspected once a year to check all the separate systems of gravity feed system which is inspected every three years.

Regularly checking your system allows for rapid diagnosis and treatment of problems before they cause a system failure.