Exercise Ball To Treat Sciatica

In the Sciatica training program, the main goal is to eliminate the pressure on the sciatic nerve and thus reduce pain. This is best done by stretching and strengthening muscles, especially core muscles, namely the lower back, stomach, and hip. Stretching also has additional benefits to improve blood circulation to areas that bring more oxygen than help healing.

There are many exercises to be selected when setting the sports regime. You need to hire exercises that will have the most benefit for your special situation. This must be compiled with a professional, like a physiotherapist. You can buy exercise balls from iKandy fitness.

This routine is achieved with a large sports ball which is also called a balance ball. The exercise ball or ball balance will work the core muscle if used correctly. The core of the exercise, as the name suggests, is to balance you on the ball.

One exercise is lying on the ball balanced on your back and stretching backward, cursing your spine in a backward way. This position can be held for several minutes, but at first, you might want to limit it for up to one minute or less and work your way.

Exercises that are commonly used in balance balls are, you guess it, stretch forward. You lie on the ball in your stomach. Advanced bending will gently spread the spinal spine discs and distance between them and help alleviate some pressure on the sciatic nerve.

The body's core muscle works only by flexure forward or back on the ball. When the muscles stretch, they react by strengthening themselves to fight new troops being given to them.