Most Popular Floor Type – ESD Floor

ESD floor probably the most cost effective solution to your electronics manufacturing facility, test & assembly areas. It applied as a thin roll which is very suitable for pallet jack, and a light traffic; or screed-implemented system for broken concrete and heavy or frequent traffic. 

For more information about the ESD Floor Systems (Anti Static / Conductive PVC ‘BSP’)  you can click on the link. ESD floor makes the perfect choice for those who seek protection from static discharge.  

Quality ESD flooring, combined with a conductive footwear helps keep body voltage less than 10 volts, eliminates nearly all HBM threats. 

ESD floor tiles | PVC static dissipative and conductive flooring

The ESD floor can be tested to discharge HBM by attaching an individual to charge plate monitor with a wrist strap. People standing on the floor will move his feet to break ground on a regular basis.

If the residual voltage is at or near to zero when the feet is lifted, the ESD floor is bleeding the accumulated cost of the person. If the subject retains a static charge when the feet is lifted, ESD floor just down the charge.

There are various websites available on the internet that provide information and guidance about the floor and you can choose according to your need.