Root Canal Therapy Facts

Root canal therapy is a dental procedure that removes the root from the canal of the tooth, and it is done so that the tooth could be retained with no future pain or distress. 

The therapy will save the tooth whilst eliminating the nerve, so there's no pain. More information about dental crowns in concord is also available at Robert Rogers, DDS.

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All teeth have a minimum of one root canal, and a few may have three or four, based on the tooth type, size, along with other aspects. 

The nerve and other tissue are taken out of the root during this treatment, which will prevent any future problems or tooth loss. Root canal treatment can also be known as endodontic therapy, and this therapy is done when harm has caused problems within the tooth. 

When damage or infection causes contamination at the inside of your enamel the nerve cells are affected.  This may cause many symptoms including pain, fever, and severe disease. 

The contamination and nerve tissue must be removed from the tooth canals with this therapy, then the tooth must be sealed to avoid potential contamination, pain, disease, or other problems.

After the treatment is done the cost will vary, based on the specific number of canals that the origin has. If your tooth has more than 1 canal then you are going to pay more.