Top Trends in Women’s Swimwear

This time of year again … Yes, it's swimsuit season. So now is the right time to start thinking about your swimsuit collection. Whether you are a one-piece, Brazilian bikini or tanking kind-of-girl, this summer is set to be blazing with a variety of hot new swimwear designs that we see from the industry's hottest designers. By reading this article you can get the best information about African swimwear.

Top Trends in Women's Swimwear

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Miami Swim event saw some fresh, new faces and stars, as well as the return of heavyweight Gideon Oberon and Lycra. Old favorite Red Carter and Shay Todd were also there, making for a glamorous event-packed and some incredible, new female swimsuit designs.

From bejeweled bikini for safari prints, the decision was feminine yet beautiful, with elegant swimsuits with the additional twist of fun.

Bejeweled Bikinis

Speaking of jewelry, this season is full of them, dazzling in a bikini top and a pair of left, right, and center. Savage Swimwear has been interested in the lead with glittering numbers 'Cobalt Crystal' and 'Jade Mountain 2' taking center stage. Swarovski crystals and turquoise Africa is just an example of quality and luxurious appearance, you can expect this summer.

Bandeau tops

Bandeau back this year and look gorgeous as usual. It seems every designer has its own rendition, with everyone from Red Carter and Sauvage to Odabash offering their take on the beautiful bandeau.  For the ultra-feminine swimsuit display, you cannot pass this summer bandeau.