Aquarium Dosing Pumps And How They Can Work Wonders For Your Tank

On the surface (no puns intended), keeping an aquarium full of fish seems easy. You throw water in the tank, put in the fish, feed them regularly and that's it, right? Not true. Aquarium enthusiasts will tell you that water and other environmental conditions must be maintained within very specific parameters for your underwater ecosystem to thrive.

If the water contains too much alkalinity or the pH is too high, or the tank is too dirty, your fish will die. One of the most common approaches to solving this problem is to use an aquarium dispenser. This type of device acts as a kind of "time-free" mechanism for all the chemicals needed to maintain the balance needed to maintain life in your tank.

Here are some of the best metering pumps on the market today.

1) Bubble Magus BM-T01: This product is controlled by a microcomputer which will maintain your settings even during a power failure. The Bubble Magus Pump has three dosing lines, but can be increased to seven or eleven lines with a dosing pump extension (sold separately). You can also buy Bubble Magus Curve 5 In Sump Needle Wheel Protein Skimmer w/ Bubble Plate online.

To prevent your aquarium from being chemically disturbed at the same time, this Bubble Magus has automatic time division between channels.

2) Kamoer 3-Channel Dosing Pump: These dispensers are becoming increasingly popular in the US. It is similar to the Bubble Magus pump but has more programmable features and better components.

3) Kamoer 4-Channel Pump: These are the same internal components as the Kamoer 3-Channel, but with an additional channel through which you can output a fourth component such as Coral Food or Trace Elements.

In general, we believe that a measuring pump is essential for the maintenance of a coral reef aquarium. A Bubble Magnetic Pump, Kamoer Dosing Pump, or even an Aqualifter will help you maintain a healthy reef aquarium.