The Long and Varied History of the Oriental Rug

It is generally accepted by historians and scholars carpet, in one form or another, has been around at least as long as the first human being formed into civilization. Initially, man-made carpets of animal fur and skin, though – after the domestication of animals began – carpet increasingly come to be made from the wool of animals. In addition, the weaving technique helps to lead to the improvement of the carpet.

As a knotted carpet, it is not exactly clear when the various Oriental first appeared though, once again, it is a fair bet that would lead to the creation of weaving rugs interesting. Some scholars believe that the first carpet was woven by the ancient Egyptians, while others maintain that the Chinese and their skills with the first real silk weaving. You can hop over this link for buying the best oriental rugs for your area.

Nearly every scholar agrees, though, that the carpet was not originally created in order to provide the trappings but was created in order to improve the characteristics of shelter and clothing that people take advantage of those thousands of years ago. And although the style make these drugs has not changed much in all these thousands of years, it was the fact that the design has changed dramatically.

The Christian Bible mentions brand of carpet as a fixture in the Temple of King Solomon. The temple building that occurred sometime between 1014 and 965 BC. A passage in Exodus mentions the type of carpet purple, red and blue in color with angel woven into the fabric by craftsmen of the day.