Should you be afraid of cleaning specials?

To gain more notoriety, more and more cleaning services try to attract new clients by offering them special discounts on their invoice. These discounts come in the form of discount codes, very similar to coupons. While these specials seem to be coupons, in reality, they are not. To find the differences you need to read the fine print, let’s see how they differ and how they are beneficial to customers.  

Most coupons usually offer discounts on the full order, not a particular service. Specials on the other hand have a more defined service and have more strict conditions. For example, the special from Stanley Steemer, for only $99 you get 3 rooms cleaned. For new customers who don’t read the fine print, it seems like an amazing deal. But the devil is in the details. While they state 3 rooms, the size of the rooms is restricted. These kinds of conditions can be seen in other companies, not only Stanley Steemer.

In most cases, using these specials you’ll end up paying less but be sure to check what is offered. Be sure that your rooms don’t exceed the size or type stated on the terms and conditions of the special.

Compare the specials from multiple cleaning services and check which one is the better fit for your needs.