The Importance of Memorial Keepsakes

Keepsakes, reminders of a person, place, or time, gain meaning through their associations. Funeral keepsakes, reminders of a loved one who has passed on, are infused with meaning through their association with the memories of a lifetime.

Although you might not think of a funeral as an occasion for sharing keepsakes, it is a perfect opportunity to create mementos that bear the stamp of a unique individual. Just as you might save a flower from your wedding bouquet or your child's first drawing, simply because of their poignancy, you might also choose to have keepsakes created and distributed during a funeral or memorial service.

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The keepsakes can then be put on display in a home or tucked away to pass down through the generations. These special items remind you, and everyone, of one special person who is no longer with you.

Many items are suitable for keepsakes to personalize and share. Candles, with their soft glow and quiet, flickering flames, can add warmth to a funeral service. Afterward, they can be displayed and used as a memorial keepsake.

Funeral candle holders designed to accept personalization often feature wooden bases and four glass panels. Paper or card-stock inserts, printed with meaningful text and photos, are slipped into the panels. When the candles are lit, the inserts are beautifully backlit, highlighting the pictures and text.

If you have a practical nature, you might decide to personalize small items that the bereaved will use regularly. Bookmarks and prayer cards all lend themselves to personalization.