Furniture Movers – Work They Do

Yes, we need to move furniture, but this is only a small part of the job description. Moving and storage companies use mostly upholstered furniture. This means that furniture movers in London deal with furniture, boxes and home appliances.

Some furniture manufacturers may be self-employed and will be hired to go home to transport individual goods, e.g. move large furniture from one floor to another.

When work on furniture is carried out for a company, most of its work revolves around inventory, packaging, loading, moving to a new residence, and then unloading goods.

This is not an easy task. Actually, this is a difficult job. There is a very heavy lifting because you are almost always at your feet. You must be physically fit and have the stamina to get the job done.

When the house owner packs the boxes, the furniture manufacturer checks your house and puts a numbered sticker on each box, furniture, and device. Next, write these numbers on the inventory sheet, along with the related items associated with that number.

The customer receives a copy and another furniture manufacturer keeps it. The customer's job is to review the list to make sure everything is correct, and then sign the inventory list. If the homeowner wants to pay extra for this service, furniture manufacturers can also package the boxes.