Mindfulness Meditation Is Awareness Impulsive

What is mindfulness meditation? What is the law of mindfulness meditation? What should be the goal of practicing mindfulness meditation? Meditation with proper attention is more on self-awareness.

The ultimate goal of mindfulness training is to organize the mystical experience of entering into the great mysteries of the heart of life and finding answers to the complex problems of the suffering mind.

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If there is one religion that can meet modern scientific needs, it is the practice of meditating and remaining aware of one's own experiences.

If you are still thinking about self-awareness by applying meditation techniques, you have attained liberation from selfishness.

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Man's true worth is mainly determined by the degree and importance to which he has attained liberation from selfishness – Einstein. Einstein said that humans are part of everything we call "the universe," part of the self-limitation of time and space.

Egoism itself experiences thoughts and feelings as separate from others – a kind of optical illusion of its consciousness.

This delusion is a kind of suffering for us that confine us to personal desires and attachments to some of the people closest to us.

Our task in meditation practice is to relieve this pain by expanding our circle of compassion to embrace all living beings and all nature in its beauty.

No one is able to fully achieve this, but the attempt to attain meditation practice, for example through some technique, refreshes oneself and immediately stops suffering in the mind.