Know About Orofacial Myology Disorders Treatment In Vaughan

Orofacial myology is the study of skeletal muscles and structures of the mouth and affects swallowing, speech, and chewing. When there is abnormal functioning, speech pathologists can provide adequate treatment.

Get more info about Orofacial mycology disorders clinic online that evaluates and treats children with Beaumont defects of the mouth and face affecting daily functioning of speech and/or swallowing. In the short term, the intensive program provides patients with home exercises to restore normal operation.

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Specifically, this program evaluates and provides treatment for swallowing, speech disorders, and tongue thrust associated with an open mouth or tongue mouth forward positions.

When these conditions directly affect the articulation of speech or swallowing, a speech certificate and language pathologist can provide effective treatment. The evaluation may require motor, oral, or laboratory tests of speech, including aerodynamics and speech acoustics or audio/video.

Treatment usually takes place in a short period of time and there is one session per week.

What are the orofacial myofunctional disorders?

Dental-Occlusal defects

Disorders occlusal tooth (tooth eruption is abnormal say, open bite, over-Jet) and subsequent management of orthodontics, such as dental appliances may interfere with the articulation of normal speech or swallowing.

Tongue thrust

Oral-facial persistence of infant motor behavior can cause tongue thrust. As a child matures motorically a normal gesture should replace the tongue protrusion of the child swallowing.