Managing Stress Of Child Birth By Pregnancy Massage

An important aid for a pleasant pregnancy experience is pregnancy massage. As pregnancy continues and the abdomen enlarges, physical pain occurs in various parts of the body. This pain can only be relieved by massage therapists who specialize in prenatal massage.

Massage reduces pain because it strengthens muscle and joint function, improves blood circulation, and reduces mental and physical fatigue. You can easily get the best pregnancy massage via

The benefits of pregnancy massage are many. Your body produces stress hormones under the pressure of pregnancy. This stress hormone is felt not only by you, but also by your baby. By reducing stress through massage, you can increase the comfort of your unborn child.

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In addition, massage can relieve your muscle pain, which can be the most uncomfortable. However, before deciding on massage therapy, you should consult with your doctor first to ensure that you are suitable for massage.

You must be careful with pregnancy massage and only use the services of a trained prenatal masseuse. For prenatal massage, the masseur uses massage techniques that focus on the neck, back, and pelvic area of women – the area’s most commonly affected by pregnancy.

Another concern that you need to treat during your massage is your position. Because you cannot lie on your stomach, you are usually placed on the side with a support pillow. Although there is a special table that can accommodate a pregnant stomach, most therapists prefer to rest on your side.

Pregnant women are very sensitive and massage therapists must be careful with a massage so as not to harm the baby in any way. To ensure this result, the intensity of the massage is also very important.