Why A Water Leak Detection System Is Important For Your Home

Water damage seems like a trivial problem at first, but extreme precautions should be taken if you find large leaks or mold. These types of damage are common to all homes and are very easy to restore in the early stages. If left unattended for too long, these small leaks result in major damage, such as a leaky roof or mold on the floor.

The best option to prevent water leaks in your home is the early detection of such problems. This can be done by using a good water leak detection system. These systems can be of great help if you don't have time to go home or are on the road (away from home) frequently. There are basically two types of leak detection systems, active systems, and passive systems. You can find the best Water Leak Detection system from Flexpakinc.com.

1. Active systems

These systems make an alarming noise when they come into contact with water. Not only alarm, but they have the function of stopping the water flow in case leaks are detected. This is a bonus in case you are away from home. These devices typically use humidity sensors that can also detect very small amounts of water.

2. Passive systems

These systems only generate an alarm tone when they detect a water leak. Depending on the model, some of the newer passive leak detectors also have LED flashlights. Unlike active systems, these are typically battery-powered, cost-effective, stand-alone units and require no specific tools for installation, and can be installed 'do-it-yourself' without the help of a plumber or other expert.