The Essential Jewelry Making Tools and Supplies

People who are just starting to make beaded jewelry should have a clear understanding of the different tools and supplies of the trade. These tools and supplies should be the first ones you need to have to get the job done profitably and efficiently.

Jewelry Making Tools

The basic tools needed to make beaded jewelry include pliers, which can be flat or round noses. You will also need wire cutters, rulers, pliers, vise, soldering iron, and magnifying glass. Wires and jewelry findings are also essential. These wires and findings are the fundamental materials used in jewelry making and are available in different gauges, shapes, and materials. They can be made from a variety of materials such as silver, gold brass, nickel, or copper, depending on what you need. You can find the best glass tools and supplies from

Jewelry Making Supplies

Your supplies may include beads, gemstones, and trinkets. Beads are among the most widely used supplies in jewelry making because they are beautiful. The beads vary in colors, shapes, sizes, and materials. There are flower beads, glass beads, metal beads, plastic beads, and any other type you can think of. So what bead material do you want? The beads come in every substance, element of the earth, clay, lucite; they can be carved out of jade or gemstones. They are just some of the extensive options.

It can be difficult to find beads locally due to the limited styles found in bead stores. However, the Internet offers all the sizes, colors, and styles of beads that you can choose from. Some online stores offer their beads seasonally and others have something new to offer each year. Bead shapes include round, oblong, heart-shaped, prism, diamond, oval, square, star, etc. Some beads are smooth and others faceted. Some of these have been painted and some have solid colors.