Why Your Eyelash Extensions Won’t Last

You have been told that your lash extensions will last up to six to eight weeks. But is it true? Once you've invested in a complete set of lashes, you need the right information to help extend the life of your extensions.

You may have to give up some of the routines that you have tried and done. Most cosmetics contain solvents that can break down the adhesive on your lashes. This includes not only products for the face, but also shampoo and conditioner. You can also buy eyelash shampoo & conditioners & eyelash extension cleaners via GladGirl.

To keep lashes at home, you need to switch to cosmetics that do not contain glycols and carbonates. Oil-based products should be avoided when using other brands of eyelash glue.

To simplify aftercare, many eyelash extension specialists offer their customers additional treatment sets for an additional fee.

With lash extensions, you can maintain an active lifestyle that includes swimming, sweating, and crying. However, it's important to work with them with care.

Use minimal pressure when washing the eye area and let your specially formulated detergent work. Avoid towels drying your lashes as they can accidentally pull them out. Never pull, twist, or peck your lashes. A disposable mascara roller can be used to separate lashes.

Nothing is more frustrating than spending the top dollar on a product that doesn't live up to its promises. Don't come home from the salon and use your old product to clean lash extensions from the drain. Your new, beautiful lashes will take six to eight weeks.