Build Your Giveaway List for Events

One of the first things you always hear when starting out with Internet Marketing is that the money is in the list. It is very important that you start building up your own email contact list but just how do you start?

The best way to start building your list is to contribute free gifts to the Giveaway event. There are many Osortoo for giveaway, you can select according to your needs.

If you currently don't have anything to be given, just look for personal labeled products that you are free to give. You might be able to get free PLR products or next time you have to pay a little cost for it.

After you decide on the product you will give you, it is necessary to build a extortion page that will explain to visitors what your free product and some of the benefits of downloading it. Your extortion page must also have a form that requests your visitor's name and email address in return for your prize. 

After you have a extortion page and autoresponder function, you can send your gift to Giveaway. When the Giveaway site opens to public visitors will be able to browse all the prizes that have been contributed and download as much as possible from them. If you have contributed gifts and people like that sound then they will be taken to your extortion page and added to your list.