Hair & Beauty Salon Business Plan – Tips For Attracting New Customers

Hair and beauty salon owners looking to grow their businesses know that having a solid business plan is the first step towards their goals. Every good business plan includes marketing and advertising strategies specifically geared towards attracting new customers.

Here are some of the tips to attract new customers to your hair and beauty business:

Develop special coupons or promotions for your new customers: 

Think about what motivated you to change the way you shop at the stores you currently visit regularly. Once you get used to buying from the same store or retailer, chances are you're trying a new one for more than just eye-catching advertising. So when building the beauty salon advertising plans and the promotion component of your business plan, remember to offer special coupons and promotions to attract new customers to your salon.

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Save money by targeting only the customers who are most likely to respond: 

If you use traditional media channels such as television, radio, and local magazines to promote your salon, your advertising costs will be too high. This media vehicle is very expensive because it is based on a common approach where all geographic areas receive the same advertising – regardless of whether everyone your campaign reaches is actually your target profile!

Schedule monthly connections with your target customers: 

Developing a marketing campaign specifically targeted at new customers, as mentioned above, is a great way to attract new business. It's also important to provide the necessary budget each month for dealing with these prospects. Only consistent campaigns targeting new and hot leads each month can deliver predictable results.