Selecting The Best Filter For Your Trip

You always need to consider the safety measures when going for a camping or hiking or any other outdoor activity. Water is a necessity for human being but sometimes this necessity can cause real danger to our lives because of the germs, bacteria and other microorganisms within it.

To avoid such a risk of getting ill, you must carry a water filter when going on a camping trip. A water filter helps you in converting contaminated water into a drinkable one.

As it has been decided to carry a purifier, now the question is what points to consider before you buy a portable travel water purifier? For more information about the best silicone carrier with carabiner clip, you may check various online sources.

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The difference is the protection level of potable water systems that vary system to system. Here are the levels to consider

Ease to Use: Simple is always better, so always opt for purifier which is easy to use and does not look like a scientific calculator. Don't buy an expensive one but make sure that it must be a reliable and durable one.

Purity Safety Levels:

Level 1 – Purifier: Level 1 is the highest safety level and it eliminates all types of microorganisms such as viruses etc from water. It gives the Microbiological Micron Rating of 0.018

Level 2 – Microfilter: Second level of safety and removes most of the microorganisms such as bacteria and protozoa. A disinfectant approved from EPA can be added to the filtered water to attain a further level of protection from viruses. It gives the Microbiological Micron Rating of 0.3 to 1.0