The Evolution of Tracking Time and Attendance

Did you know that the first employee time attendance system was discovered in 1888 to record the time entered and left the factory by employees?

These mechanical watches provide date and time information on heavy paper cards, and therefore the term "time card" is introduced. This application provides factory owners with an official record of each employee's working hours. You may avail the benefts of cloud time attendance via

Time cards have the dual purpose of protecting employees by stating the exact number of hours they are working, making it difficult for employers to deceive them from their income.

Fortunately, attendance tracking systems have made a big step with the advent of smaller electric clocks. Employers have introduced time-recording software together with other employees.

Attendance software is a type of business application that can be used to track and optimize employee work hours, and keep records of salaries and wages. This application can be used by all types of companies.

This software provides management tools for increasing productivity and minimizing waste. Programs can produce, maintain, and file important wage and tax information to ensure compliance. These records can be very valuable if there is an audit by the tax authority. A good time and attendance software package will continue to function as it should as the organization grows.