Various Types of Real Estate Agents

In the modern world the day of accommodation you will find three types of Realtors – a buyer's agent, double agent and a seller agent. Each of these types of professionals represents a party in the purchase of goods.

Agent of Sales

Functions for the seller and the efforts to get the most money possible. The seller's agent receives a percentage of the sale price, so it is in their interest to obtain the optimal sales price of the property or home. You can hire the real estate agent in Joshua tree via

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The listing agent is still the agent of a vendor simply because they have an interest in obtaining the optimal selling prices; Therefore, they still represent the seller.

A buyer's agent:

Is used by the purchaser and the efforts to save the maximum amount of money when purchasing a property. Buyer's Agents receive a share of the sale price sales; having said that, the buyer also agrees to pay the buyer's agent a portion of the sale price. This contract will generate a good profit while representing the buyer of the agent of the buyer.

A double agent:

Represents both the seller and also the buyer. This kind of business usually takes place when a potential home buyer uses a broker as an agent of a buyer, and then chooses to place an offer on a property or a house that listed agent. This particular real estate broker does not represent either the client.