Why Do You Need To Hire Managed Service Providers?

Several recent studies predict 2014 will be a devastating year for SMEs. The managed service market is supposed to grow nearly 142% from $ 142.75 billion in 2013 to $ 256.05 billion in 2018 – and states that the demand for managed services is "high" across all Branches. 

"Managed Services" can be a very misunderstood term and there may be differing views on what it means. You can now look for a reliable MSP marketing company via https://www.ulistic.com/.

Want to Hire a Managed Services Provider? What You Need to Know

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What managed services are covered in this study? According to the market study, the concept of managed services covers the following areas: Managed Data Centers, Managed Networks, Managed Information, Managed Mobility, Managed Infrastructure, Managed Communications, and Managed Security.

Based on this study, there are 4 main drivers of the growth forecast:-

1. Increased market awareness of the benefits of using SMEs (for example, the MarketstoMarkets study found that companies operating managed services reduced their IT costs by an average of 30 to 40%).

2. Increased prices and supply of SMEs due to maturing models and increasing competition.

3. Increasing areas that businesses are looking for managed services – for example, there is an increase in businesses outsourcing cellular, communications, and mobility zones and this trend will continue.

4. "Wave" of expected economic growth.